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Why WarmWire?

WarmWire is a simple, economical way to warm your floors and provide years of lasting comfort to many kinds of floor coverings: ceramic & porcelain tile, stone, wood, laminates, vinyl, or carpet.

WarmWire Heating Cable is simply the best constructed product in its class and an affordable alternative to SunTouch Radiant heat mats. WarmWire is thin yet durable for a low profile installation that heats the floor making your home extremely comfortable.

  • Long Life. Constructed with the Highest Quality Materials. Simply compare WarmWire’s construction to any other heating cable; our superior wire construction ensures safety and long life.
  • Proven Safety. WarmWire emits Zero EMF (Electro Magnetic Field) and is extremely safe. WarmWire is the ONLY product INDEPENDENTLY tested for EMF exposure which achieves a near-ZERO rating.
  • Economical. The material cost for a 30 sq. ft. WarmWire radiant flooring installation is less than $400 with an operational cost roughly the same as the lighting in the room (360 Watts).
  • Toughness Tested and Passed. Our Polyurethane outer covering has surpassed the stringent CSA-130 Impact test and is Water proof for Shower Floor Installation.
  • More than Floor Warming. WarmWire can be a Heat Source since our heat output typically exceeds that of Baseboard heaters providing warm floors and comfortable heating for most rooms. Compare WarmWire’s Superior 41-51 BTUs per SF to any other heating system.
  • Dry floors are safer. A floor warming system helps keep bathrooms, kitchens, and entry’s dry and safe. Make your home cozy and safer with WarmWire
  • Choice. With 28 spool different Spools in 120v or 240v – use 1 or more in parallel up to Amp limit
  • Flexibility. Create your own custom layout in any shape room. WarmWire Cable lets you work around objects and heat curved or angled spaces easily.
  • Complete solution. With our WarmWire Complete Kits everything you need is in 1 box.

Quick Installation Summary:

  1. Secure Cable Straps to sub floor with tape, glue or screws.
  2. Hook the WarmWire to the Cable Strap Tabs as you weave it back and forth across the floor.
  3. Spread a layer of thin-set mortar and set your tile or stone. Or, completely embed WarmWire in self-leveling cement spread over the cables for hardwood, laminate, vinyl, or carpeted floors to install over the new layer.

Our Online videos, installation manual and DVD show all the details.

WarmWire Construction is the Difference

Premium materials throughout, advanced technology and years of experience are what makes SunTouch WarmWire unique and the best floor heating cable available.

WarmWire is better from beginning to end. The 3-wire Power lead is armored and fully grounded, crimped AND soldered to the dual heating wires in SunTouch’s USA factory. The heating wire construction ELIMINATES EMF with SunTouch’s "active shielding". This means canceling the EMF H-field of one heating wire with the H-field of another parallel wire.

WarmWire electric heated floors use this approach with a technologically advanced wire made of two heating elements run in parallel PLUS a patented helical twist. Some other companies claim zero EMF, but there is no way to passively shield a heating element to eliminate EMF.