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WarmWire® System

The WarmWire System is simple and economical.

Warm your floor and provide years of lasting comfort with safe and effective Electric Radiant Floor Heat!


WarmWire System Features include:

  • Low Profile Floor Heating Cable - Thin heating wires only 1/8 to 3/16 or less
  • Safe - WarmWire Floor Heating emits Zero EMF and is UL Listed in the USA and Canada
  • Durable Dual Copper Heating Wires, Fully Insulated, protected by Stainless Steel Mesh, grounded end-to-end, and covered with Polyurethane Jacket
  • Now Safe & UL Listed for Shower Floors and seats
  • Control your warm tile timing, floor or air temperature and On/Off setting with the Programmable SunStat PRO control
  • Minimal energy use - 10, 12 or 15 watts per Square Foot of Heated Floor area. Economical to Purchase and operate
  • WarmWire provides enough warmth to heat most rooms 34 - 51 BTUs per Sq Ft
  • 28 sizes available IN STOCK to provide Floor Heat to 8 - 240 Square Feet per spool
  • Flexible installation to heat any size and room configuration plus combine multiple spools (Up to 15 amps per control)
  • Exceeds CSA-130 impact rating test

Made in the USA with a 25 year warranty by Watts Radiant with 135 years experience in Heating and heating control systems.

The WarmWire in the floor heating system features a single point connection to power for a fast and easy installation. Unlike other electric wire floor warming systems, with WarmWire Electric Floor Warming System uses Dual Heating Wire technology, so there is no need to bring an extra wire from the far end of the cable back to the control, and WarmWire is MUCH THINNER than other Electric Radiant Floor Heating systems.


WarmWire Installation

WarmWire Electric Radiant Floor Heating Cable is an Alternative to SunTouch® Floor Heat mats.

Download a WarmWire Brochure

WarmWire, while not as easy to install as the Industry Leading SunTouch Mats, can be successfully installed by an experienced Do-It-Yourselfer, but is usually installed by Professionals.


The WarmWire cable is installed in conjunction with the WarmWire CableStrap. The strap is attached to the sub floor and then the cable is looped back and forth secured by the tabs on the strap. All suggested spacing variations can be easily configured by following the Strap Installation Guidelines. Each box of 25 Feet CableStrap is enough to install 40-50 Sq. Ft. of WarmWire.

View, Download or Print Strap Installation Guidelines Now

120V Part NumberWire Length2" Spacing2-1/2 " Spacing3" SpacingAmps @120 V
120010WDST 47 Heats8 Sq Ft Heats10 Sq Ft Heats12 Sq Ft 1.0
120015WDST 71 12 15 18 1.5
120020WDST 94 16 20 24 2.0
120025WDST 118 20 25 30 2.5
120030WDST 141 24 30 36 3.0
120035WDST 165 28 35 42 3.5
120040WDST 188 32 40 48 4.0
120045WDST 212 36 45 54 4.5
120050WDST 235 40 50 60 5.0
120060WDST 282 48 60 72 6.0
120070WDST 329 56 70 84 7.0
120080WDST 376 64 80 96 8.0
120090WDST 423 72 90 108 9.0
120100WDST 470 80 100 120 10.0

2" On Center Spacing = 15 Watts/SF = 51 BTU's/Hour/SF-Floor heat for Basements, All concrete slabs, sunrooms, high heat loss areas. Closer spacing means More Watts & more heat plus faster warm up time

2 1/2" OC = 12 Watts/sq.ft. - 40 BTU's/Hour/SF - Warm Tile in Bathrooms, kitchens, dining/living areas, etc. This is the same output as the SunTouch Mats and the most common

3" OC = 10 Watts/sq.ft. - 34 BTU's/Hour/SF - Electric Floor Warming for Hallways, entries, low heat loss areas; not recommended unless you are certain it's enough heat for you. Not commonly used.

240 V Part NumberWire Length2" Spacing2-1/2 " Spacing3" SpacingAmps @ 240 V
240020WDST 94 Heats 16 Sq Ft Heats 20 Sq Ft Heats 24 Sq Ft 1.0
240030WDST 142 24 30 36 1.5
240040WDST 188 32 40 48 2.0
240050WDST 236 40 50 60 2.5
240060WDST 282 48 60 72 3.0
240070WDST 330 56 70 84 3.5
240080WDST 376 64 80 96 4.0
240090WDST 424 72 90 108 4.5
240100WDST 470 80 100 120 5.0
240120WDST 564 96 120 144 6.0
240140WDST 658 112 140 168 7.0
240160WDST 752 128 160 192 8.0
240180WDST 846 144 180 216 9.0
240200WDST 940 160 200 240 10.0
  • WarmWire is the Leading indoor Electric Floor Heating Cable in Price, Best Performance, Greates Durability and Superior Wire Construction
  • Low Profile Floor Heat - 1/8 to 3/16 inch thin, including WarmWire and hold-down strap!
  • Safe - SunTouch WarmWire Floor Heating is UL Listed in the USA and Canada and also passes CSA-130 impact rating
  • Control warm tile temperature and On/Off setting with the Programmable control (timer is built in)
  • Minimal energy use of 10 to15 watts per Square Foot of Heated Floor area
  • Economical to Purchase and Operate (25 SF uses only 300 watts)
  • 28 sizes available IN STOCK to provide Floor Heat in sizes of 8 to 240 Square Feet per spool
  • Combine multiple spools to cover any size and room configuration (Up to 15 amps per control)
  • Made in the USA with a 25 year warranty by Watts Radiant with 135 years experience in Heating and heating control systems
  • Zero EMF for your safety

The SunTouch WarmWire in floor heating system features a single point connection to power for a fast and easy installation. Unlike other electric wire floor warming systems, with WarmWire Electric Floor Warming System there is No Need to bring an extra wire from the far end of the cable back to the control, and SunTouch WarmWire is MUCH THINNER than other Electric Radiant Floor Heating systems.

  • SunTouch WarmWire warms all type of floor coverings (see the Installation Manual for complete details):
  • Ceramic tile or natural stone - right in the thinsetin One Step
    • The following installation require the WarmWire to embedded in a layer of mortar or Floor Leveler
    • Hardwood (Glue down or Floating Wood Flooring Installations)
    • Laminate Flooring
    • Linoleum or Vinyl
    • Carpet

Easy to Install! Fasten the WarmWire cables to the floor with CableStrap, spread a layer of thinset, thickset, or self-leveling mortar over the cables. Then, install your floor covering over the mortar. That's all it takes to enjoy a warm floor.

WarmWire Electric Radiant Floor Heating installs directly onto the sub floor of plywood, backer board or concrete - All these methods are UL Listed.

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You can connect multiple heating wire spools of varying lengths to One Thermostat (up to it's rated amperage). You CANNOT shorten the heating wire. You may shorten the ColdLead (thicker 3-Wire 10 ft length at the beginning of the spool) that connects to the Thermostat. "O.C." means On Center - This is the spacing between the wires when you install in the WarmWire strap on your sub floor. The WarmWire strap has built in spacing guides.

SunTouch WarmWire floor heating is Made in the USA and features...

  1. Single power lead (10 ft long) connection-for fast, easy installations of floor heat. You don't have to get the far end back to the beginning, as you do with inferior electric floor heating systems. Power lead is armored with a woven metal braid and standard NEC wire colors
  2. All electrical appliances generate Electro Magnetic Fields, known as EMF. WarmWire is built with an innovative Twisted Dual Wire Construction to Eliminate electromagnetic field (EMF) exposure. Most consumer appliances are designed to shield EMF, and WarmWire joins the SunTouch Radiant Floor Heating Mat as the industry leaders in Zero EMF engineering.
  3. WarmWire heating elements and power cable are armored to reduce jobsite abuse. The floor heating elements are braided with 304 stainless steel for the ultimate in protection and the power leads are braided with tin-coated copper for durability. Stainless steel, not "foil" like some systems.
  4. The floor heating elements and power cable are grounded from one end to the other with full current carrying capacity; no need to loop back to the beginning like other inferior designs. Choose WarmWire - the best wire construction for the ultimate in warm tile engineering.
  5. Each of the dual heating elements is protected with ETFE, a high performance polymer. ETFE has remarkable temperature aging and chemical resistance for long life. Top quality components yield an industry leading floor warming solution. Other manufacturers cut their costs and use only common materials like Nylon or PVC.
  6. WarmWire is dispensed from an innovative box that speeds up installation. WarmWire Floor Heating is in an easy-pull box - this speeds your installation and eliminates tangles and confusion on the job site. The Half Way point is even marked.
  7. The new Wire Strap Hold-down strip is designed for strength and is low profile. Attach it to the sub floor, pull your wire, hook it through the tabs and get ready for a warm floor!
  8. WarmWire is built in both 120VAC and 240VAC models, covering from 8 to 240 sq. ft. WarmWire can be installed at three different spacings to provide three different floor heating levels. Spacing may be varied depending on insulation and heat loss factors in the room. Recommended Spacing is in the above chart.


WarmWire Technical Info

WarmWire Warranty

25 full years and even transferable if you sell your home! Click on the link below to read the complete warranty. And remember, WarmWire is made in the U.S.A. and backed by Watts Radiant, a U.S. company listed on the NYSE (WTS) who has been manufacturing products in the USA for over 135 years.


Download WarmWire Warranty (PDF file)
Download WarmWire Installation Guide (PDF file)

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Benefits of Warm Wire Heating Cable

WarmWire Floor Warming Electric Heating Cables are becoming increasingly more popular due to the many benefits that they provide. These are just a few of the reasons why people who have WarmWire Heating Cables are Our customers for life.

Room by Room Heating

WarmWire Cables give you total control of the floor temperature settings in every room of your home, giving you flexibility and increased energy efficiency. No two rooms are alike, so why have only one, central source of heat? With WarmWire Heating Cables, you can heat your bathroom in the morning for comfort and warmth as you and your family prepare for work and school. Conversely, you can enjoy monthly savings on your energy bill by not heating the living room or guest bedroom, during unnecessary periods of time. Flexibility to suit your life...that's the WarmWire difference.


Warmer Surfaces

WarmWire Heating Cables warm a lot more than just the floor of each room. WarmWire Cables also radiate heat to the occupants, walls and furnishings of each room, increasing efficiency and saving you money. You'll never have to arise from bed and step on to a cold floor again.

No Fuss, Low Maintenance

WarmWire Electric Heating Cables work well not only with newer flooring materials, but with older flooring materials as well. WarmWire Cables can be installed under practically every flooring type such as tile, carpet, hardwood and stone. Once your WarmWire Heating Cables are installed, you can relax and enjoy the comfort and warmth of your new floors. There are no ducts or surfaces to clean, and no filters to replace. WarmWire Floor Heating Cables have set the standard for convenience, function and efficiency.


As the demand for energy increases worldwide through population growth and the emergence of developing nations, it has never been a more important time to make changes in personal energy consumption for the sake of the environment, and for the sake of your wallet. Radiant heat tends to be much more efficient than most heating systems, allowing customers to turn down their thermostats and save money.


Floor Heating Thermostat Support

Thermostat Installation and Programming instructions for Our Electric Radiant Floor Heating systems are below. All the thermostats we offer have GFCI protection built-in for your Safety. Look for these safety features in ANY control you consider:

  • GFCI protection that is CLASS A - 5 milliAmp trip
  • Check the manufacturer - Is the Thermostat made FOR them or BY them; SunTouch Makes their own in their own factory
  • Where is the T-stat Manufactured? Most AUBE Thermostats are manufactured in China and have had higher failure rates in our 10 years experience.
  • Is the T-stat Listed to UL Standards by CSA or ETL ?


Programmable Floor Heating Thermostats Instructions for viewing, download, or printing.


SunStat PRO 500670 (Our Most popular Thermostat)

The SunStat PRO is fully programmable, easy to program and attractive. Buy It Now

Download SunStat PRO (500670) Instructions

Download SunStat System Features and Information

This control was introduced in Sept. 2007 and is our top selling model. The most features designed and built by Suntouch in their own factory.

SunTouch Thermostats


Floor Stat Thermostat

Download: SunTouch Floor Stat 120v Basic Control Thermostat GFCI with Dial - No Prog 500550-120c Instructions


SunStat Sub Control Relay

Download: SunStat Sub Control 500680 Instructions


SunTouch SunStat Non Programmable Thermostat

This New LCD display control is the Non-programmable version of the SunStat PRO and was introduced in Sept. 2007.

Download: SunTouch SunStat PRO 500675 NON Programmable Thermostat 120/240v in one T-stat

Non Programmable Floor Heating Thermostats

Download: SunTouch 500550-120 Dial NON Programmable Thermostat

Discontinued Models

Download: SunStat 500710-120 Dial NON Programmable Thermostat

Download: 2007-2009 SunTouch 500650-120/240 AKA Nuheat NTG-5110,220 Thermostat (Programmable) Instructions

This Thermostat has been discontinued by SunTouch. This T-stat was manufactured by Aube in China for several floor heating manufacturers.

2006 & Before

Download: SunTouch Prog Thermostat 500650-120/240

Download: SunTouch SunStat 500700-120 Large Dial (Non-programmable) Instructions

Instrucciones en Espanol

Transferencia directa : SunStat PRO (500670) Instructions in Spanish

Transferencia directa : SunStat 500710 Non-Prog Dial Control in Spanish

Transferencia directa : SunStat Non-Program 500675 in Spanish

Transferencia directa : SunStat PRO (500680) Instructions in Spanish

Transferencia directa : Harmony Thermostat Installation & Programming Guide in Spanish


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Insulation Cork for Concrete Slab Floors

Should you insulate between an existing concrete slab & your new Electric Radiant Floor Heating System?

Many contractors & homeowners think so. Insulation is not REQUIRED, but many customers like to install a "thermal break" while they are installing new floor heating. Heat goes to cold, so warm objects or surfaces transfer heat to cold ones. An Insulating material on top of the slab and under the Electric Radiant Floor Heat elements will slow the transfer of heat from the heating elements into the slab and effectively decrease the time it takes your floor warming system to warm your floor.


There are a few acceptable forms of insulating materials discussed below.

Cork Insulating Underlayment

Our Premium Cork underlayment is 1/4 inch thick (actually 6mm or .236 inch) and is manufactured by Amorim Industrial Solutions, the worlds leading manufacturer in every cork product category.

They have specially engineered AcoustiCORK R60 to provide THERMAL efficiency to most types of floors and are particularly useful under floor heating systems, as they will help reduce energy consumption which saves you money on operating costs.

Unlike most of its synthetic alternatives, the AcoustiCORK R60 insulating underlayment has the ability to keep its acoustic and thermal insulation performance over many years. The physical structure of our cork, with nearly 200 million completely sealed air filled cells per cubic inch, makes it a very effective insulating material. This same physical structure also provides R60 with the ability to be repeatedly compressed and yet recover nearly 100% of its original shape and size.

With an R-Value of 3.1 per inch the cork acts as a "thermal Break" and slows the heat transfer into a concrete slab sub floor when placed on top of the slab. The heating elements are then installed on TOP of the cork, and secured with tape or glue.

AND, cork underlayment also functions as a crack suppression membrane. Acousticork R60 is the economic and effective solution for stress crack prevention under ceramic tiles and hardwood floors. Quality cork underlayment sheets like our product from the industry leader Amorim have been tested extensively for use under tile installations; also often used as a sound insulator in multi-story condominium buildings too.

Amorim's Acousticork R60 cannot be compared with most other cork products on the market. Our CORK is manufactured using a special process providing the unique features. Millions of square feet of AcoustiCORK™ have been successfully installed under a wide variety of finished flooring materials in projects throughout the world.

This is NOT like bulletin board cork - this is an engineered cork product made for the Tile Industry. The high compression ratio of our cork prevents cracking of tile and grout.

The Tile Council of North America lists cork in their installer guides.


Due to its resiliency and high tensile strength, R60 provides stress crack protection from existing and future subfloor stress cracks.


R60 is available in rolls and is applied between the subfloor and finished flooring quickly and efficiently. No mixing, no mess, no costly "down time" typical to trowelling methods, and no need for a backerboard under ceramic tile or marble to achieve sound reduction.


For sound control R60s low height requirements and light weight make it ideal for new buildings as well as remodeling older condos with newer sound rating requirements. Easy to carry and handle too!


R60s fine reputation is based on the unique advantages mentioned above and LOW COST. The material itself is very inexpensive in comparison to other products used for the same purpose. The flooring can be installed directly on R60 shortly after it has been adhered to the subfloor. There is no added labor, material or down time - all of which equal big savings!


Amorim has been producing cork products since 1870 was introduced as early as 1979 for applications under ceramic tiles and marble. In contrast to other products and many sound control methods available for similar applications and has a proven flawless track record. Furthermore, its practical success is supported by grueling laboratory tests.

AcoustiCORK R60 cannot be compared with any other cork product on the market. R60 is the cork underlayment which meets two essential requirements for use under ceramic tile or marble: A Compression Ratio sufficient to avert cracking of ceramic tile and grout and Resistance to Moisture which prevents deterioration.

Click Here for Cork Installation Details

Click Here to Read More

Other materials commonly believed to be helpful, but not recommended for direct contact with Electric Radiant Floor Heating products.

Metal / Foil - If these are placed in contact with electric floor heating, you will lose the reflective nature. Reflective insulation requires an air space to be effective - NOT RECOMMENDED.

Foam Insulating Boards - Unless specifically recommended by the manufacturer of the foam board to be in direct contact with a heating wire between 130 and 150 Degrees F AND with the compressive strength necessary to pass Robinson Floor Tests. Most foam products will not work under tile. NOT RECOMMENDED.

If you choose an insulating material for installation under your floor covering it is ESSENTIAL that you verify this material is approved for use:

  • With your chosen Floor covering and installation method & material
  • With the Electric radiant under floor heating system you have chosen for installation in the floor
  • Has the product been tested or evaluated for use with both your flooring and Electric Radiant Floor Heating systems by an association like the Tile Council of North America ?
  • Has the insulating material PASSED the Robinson Floor Test for use under tile or stone?